Last Up Date: 5/25/2013: 

Are you in the right place?

You might be,

If you are interested in a hobby project to make and use your own tool to check the sharpness of a blade that is in the type range of razor-blades to carry knives such as utility, hunting, filleting, tactical, chefs knives,  kitchen knives, or small non carry blades such as axes, removable blades in wood-working tools, and the like 

If, when dull, you sharpen those knives yourself or have them commercially sharpened

If you always wanted to know:  how sharp is it?   Is it sharper than before I sharpened it or had it sharpened?   Is it more or less sharp than another knife I have (i.e. is my pocket knife less sharp, just as sharp, or sharper than my Gillette razor blade?)

If you have (at least once!) changed your own oil or spark plugs on your car  
 - then-

You might just be in the right place!

- however-

You are not in the right place if you:

...a.) think the numbers on your cars speedometer "don't really mean anything".. , b.) are a professional in the biological sciences and want to know how sharp your microtome blade is, or c.) if you think YouTube videos that show "knife experts" slicing phone book paper "tells me everything I need to know.."..



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